Despite the fact that Nepal could be a modern, progressive and resourceful country it has been losing it dignity and representation in International forum. The biggest cause for this entire situation is a lack of ethical values and program management skills and practices within the local government. Local government ;s members are not trained and thus not prepared for the responsible task ahead . We do not have any institutions that teach program management skills , finance and ethical values so that these are intrinsically applied to program management and creative problem solving as it is done in America, Europe, Australia and even in some parts of India and Bhutan. Therefore, Sakcham Rural Nepal born to tackle the root causes of the current challenges.


Let’s imagine a beautiful country where people can be proud of their local leaders, youth and women where regions are administrated with at most responsibility and care, where finances are distributed equally and the uses of funding is transparent.

But currently we are far from this goals. One of the biggest challenges in our country is corruption, and and our initiative is founded to make positive change happen.

To achieve this goal Sakcham Rural Nepal focuses on three major steps:

  1. Tailor training program for local leaders, youth and women
  2. Advocacy and awarness program for execution of good governance practice, attitudes and behavior.
  3. Lobbying for New Nepal


To see Nepal as a role-model country for good governance.

This goal will be achieved by ethical and critical thinking practice, awarness, knowledge, skills and techniques deliverĀ  through a high level effective international standards training program. Training program will motivate local governmental leaders to act with honesty, propriety and integrity in the pursuit of their professional duties:


To empower local leaders, youth and women by information, knowledge, skills, techniques and ethics through a training, advocacy and awarness and sustainable leadership skills.

Objectives of the Organization:

  1. Operate an institute , which provides knowledge, skills techniques and ethic to the local governmental leaders, youth and women to develop entrepreneurship skills and sustainable leadership.
  2. Organize meetings , seminars and conference to bild public awareness for lobbying new policy and program in rural part of Nepal.

3 Help to develop virtur system for role-model and reliable local government.

  1. Make advocacy in fafour of good governance and bring improvement in the processess regarding the flow of services and financial transactions.
  2. Make publicity and publication of the research books and reports having the public concerns through the electronic and press media in regard of good governance and other contemporary and contextual issues.

Ongoing Project:

  1. Biogas Installation Project: This project is going on with partnership and cooperation of owner, biogas installation company and local government and community forest association at Bayarban Village of Morang district.
  2. Relie and Re-habilitation Program: After the devastating earthquake of 25 April 2015, Aakcham Rural Nepal takes an immediate initiation to support earthquake victims, especially in Kholegaun village of Nuwakot, Khoyacha village of Lalitpur and sanga village of indhplanchowk distreicts.
  3. Skills and Leadership Training Project: To empower young leaders through knowledge, skills and techniques SRN provided 10 days training to the youth and women of Bungmati village of Lalitpur district with the cooperation and financial support of DDC lalitpur.
  4. Training Home : Sakcham Rural Nepal is working to build a role-model training centre in Nepal with special tailor training curriculum for local leaders , youth and women. The project has already completed some important work like purchasing of land for building, designing of training centre etc. The Journeyman International, California USA is helping for its designing.
  5. Goat Village: with the purpose to see Nepal independent in goat meat through the involvement of women in goat farming SRN is implementing a goat village project in Newakot district with the financial support of German Development Corporation/ German Embassy kathmandu Nepal.


Planning Project for Upcoming year:

  1. Training for local leaders, youth and women on project management , resources mobilization, finance , public speech, good governance tools and research skills.
  2. Goat Village : Looking for possible collaboration with organization, government and international and national donors to extend goat village program in other possible location of the country.
  3. Biogas Installation: Want to keep on continue
  4. Complete ongoing training centre by the end of next year.
  5. Entrepreneurship and skills development training for youth and women of earthquake victims areas.



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