SAkCHAM Rural Nepal is a not –for profit and non-political and a secular non-governmental organization. Integrity, collaboration and sincerity are the core values of this social venture. Only those people who uphold integrity and independence can be the member of this organization.
SAKCHAM Rural Nepal will initiate its program to motivate local government members towards ethical values and critical thinking attitudes and practice with regards project planning, management and its effective implementation.
More than 86% of people are living in rural areas who are suffering with different challenges like: Poor delivery system of local government, corruption, ignorance and unethical judgment. According to the Report of Transparency International, Nepal is ranked as a one of the most corrupt country in the world and second in south Asia after Afghanistan. Therefore, recognizing the needs of good governance in the rural areas of Nepal, SAKCHAM Rural Nepal has already initiated tailor training program for the members of local government.
In order to establish better cooperation with local government, SAKCHAM Rural Nepal will base its office in Lalitpur, a rural area of Nepal. SAKCHAM is already in the process of bringing together a dynamic team with a clear vision, mission and determination.

Objective 1: having a training program for local governmental leaders

Objective1: To develop reliable, transparent and role-model society through improving public delivery system and empowerment of local people by knowledge, skills and technique”

Objective2: To increase the asses and capacity of rural and marginalized communities towards their local resources.

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