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Nagendra Prasad Rijal( Founder and Executive Director

Nagendra Prasad Rijal: (Founder and Executive Director)

Mr. Rijal is a Master in Ecology and Environment Science (M.Sc) form Sikkim Manipal University, Sikkim India. Besides this, his non-academic course national and international (training) relates project management for non-state actors in development sector. Mr. Rijal has good exposure in promoting human ecology and natural resources. He loves youth empowerment and advocacy. Mr. Rijal has more than seven years of experience of Program/Project management starting from 2009 in non-state actors in development sector (I/NGO, bio lateral/ multilateral agencies in Nepal). He has practical skill, knowledge and capacity in social development sector.

Major component of developmental work of Mr. Rijal’s include alternative energy promotion, income generating education and advocacy for sustainable development. Mr. Rijal seeks result based management in the implementation of stated components. His more than 7 years’ development work experience in sustainable development based approach include various so called marginalized social group, youth and women.

Deputy President Srijana Ghimire

Srijana Ghimire ( Deputy president)

Miss Srijana has been working for social and economic development for rural and marginalized communities since 2010. She achived Bacholar degree in Humanities and social science from Tribhuvan University. She has been looking women department for Sakcham Rural Nepal.

Bikash Giri ( Treasures)

Bikash Giri (Secretary general)

Mr. Giri is working for Sakcham Rural Nepal since 2015 as the secretary general. He has more then 7 years experience in Jornalisim. He worked as the executive director for Sombhodhan Weekly.

Sunita Thapa( Broad menber)

Sunita Thapa (Treasure)

Sunita Thap is working as the chief accountant for Sakcham Rural Nepal.

Sobita Pandit( Broad member)

Sobita Pandit ( Broad member)

Miss Pandit is a working as the bord member for Sakcham Rural Nepal since 2015. She loves to work for women right.

Ramesh Phuyal (Broadmember)

Mr. Ramesh Phuyal is a popular volunteer activist. He is also member of Nepal Red Cross Society. He enjoy to help poor and marginalized society. For Sakcham Rural Nepal, he is looking for environmental issue. He has already lead some awareness campaining to protect and promot local and global environment.

Gyan Prasad khanal( Broad member)

Gyan Prasad khanal ( Broad member)

Mr. Khanal has national and international experienced working in the sustainable development and good governance. He worked he has worked local government office called Manikal Panchayat in Kerala, India. In Nepal he worked for National Plan Commission of Nepal as a Neational Development Volunteer

Sulekha (Broad member)

Miss Sulekha is working for children issue for SRN. She represent rural and marginalized communities of Nepal. She has been working as the teacher for Sakcham Rural Nepal’s after school program.

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