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SAKCHAM Rural Nepal is non-political social organization. It is established in February 2014, under the social welfare Act of Nepal. SAKCHAM initiatives training program to motivate local leaders, youth and women towards ethical values and critical thinking attitudes and practice with regards project planning, management skills and knowledge.
More than 80% of people are living in rural areas who are suffering with different challenges like: Poor delivery system of local government, corruption, ignorance and unethical judgment. According to the Report of Transparency International, Nepal is ranked as a one of the most corrupt country in the world and second in south Asia after Afghanistan. Therefore, recognizing the needs of good governance in the rural areas of Nepal, SAKCHAM Rural Nepal is introducing a training program for the members of local government.

The word “SAKCHAM” means able or capable in Nepali vocabulary. We want to make able to our local leaders, youth and women who represents from poor and marginalize communities by knowledge, skills and technique so that they could be able to carry out their responsibilities effectively. We will prepare our beneficiaries to fight against the root cause of ignorance, poverty and social discrimination through tailor training and practices.


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