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Let’s imagine a beautiful country where people can be proud of their local governmental leaders, where regions are administrated with at most responsibility, and care, where finances are distributed equally and the use of funding is transparent.
But currently we are far from this goal. One of the biggest challenges in my country is corruption, and our initiative is founded to make positive change happen.
SAKCHAM Rural Nepal visualizes a role model people friendly government. We want to achieve this by empowering local leaders, youth and women through a specially tailored training program that includes: Project management, project planning, development and ethical judgment and action.

Nothing is impossible but it needs action and determination toward goals. Nepal could be a resourceful, modern  and role-model democratic country, if we able to develop sustainable leadership from bottom to the top. SRN starts various program to make it happens. We want feedback, support and collaboration in this journey.

In this year, SAKCHAM Rural Nepal continued the relief and rehabilitation program for earthquake affected people. We became able to install 50 biogas plant for the most poor and marginalized people who usually compel to go to the forest for firewood and also continued leadership development training for local youth and women of Lalitpur district. SRN has bought beautiful piece of land for its dream project “Training centre”, hopefully, we are going to start from the next year. Recently, we start after school class for the most poor and marginalized communities of Jimdar tole, east south corner of Nepal.

As we embark on a new year, to include strategic thinking to always ensure SAKCHAM Rural Nepal is delivering much-needed programs and services to the rural community and engaging our members in these efforts, we highly respect your input and ideas, and continue to value your love and care, friendship and support.

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