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Let’s imagine a beautiful country where people can be proud of their local governmental leaders, where regions are administrated with at most responsibility, and care, where finances are distributed equally and the use of funding is transparent. But currently we are far from this goal. One of the biggest challenges in my country is corruption, […]



To see Nepal as a role-model country for good governance in this world. This goal will be achieved by ethical and critical thinking practice, awareness, knowledge, skills and techniques deliver through a high level and effective international standards training program. Training program will motivate local governmental leaders to act with honesty, propriety and integrity in […]


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About the SRN

SAKCHAM Rural Nepal is non-political social organization. It is established in February 2014, under the social welfare Act of Nepal. SAKCHAM initiatives training program to motivate local leaders, youth and women towards ethical values and critical thinking attitudes and practice with regards project planning, management skills and knowledge. More than 80% of people are living […]



To empower local leaders, youth and women by increasing their knowledge, skills and ethical attitudes and behavior . SAKCHAM Rural Nepal visualizes a role model country for good governance that is achieved by empowering local leaders through information, knowledge, skills, techniques and ethics by providing training opportunities for local leaders, youth and women in all […]


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